12.05.24 Wild x Fire x Wine

At the Chef's Table - Hackney


Wild - The Foraging Chef (Steve Thompson): Steve Thompson, The Foraging Chef, specializes in creating bold flavors from often overlooked ingredients found in Cambridge and its surroundings. His stripped-back, simple cooking approach highlights the essence of wild plants, mushrooms, and spices. With a hands-on foraging approach, Thompson ensures unique and unforgettable culinary experiences. Instagram: instagram.com/theforagingchef_

Fire - Open Fire Cooking (Matthew Voisey): Matthew Voisey, with experience from top European restaurants like Ekstedt and St John Bread and Wine, brings mastery to open fire cooking. His dishes are infused with soulful wood smoke, blending tradition and innovation. Voisey's expertise lies in controlling temperatures and crafting unique wood blends for unforgettable culinary journeys. 

Wine - Which Wine When (Bert Blaize): Bert Blaize, an esteemed sommelier with experience in renowned establishments, is celebrated for his expertise in wine pairing. Winner of prestigious awards and author of 'Which Wine When,' Blaize delivers innovative wine experiences. His collaborations with culinary talents further showcase his dedication to elevating dining experiences. Instagram: instagram.com/bertblaize

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