The Sea, The Sea Hackney

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At The Sea, The Sea Chef's Table in Hackney, London, we regularly host guest chef takeovers from other restaurant brands and collaborative events.


A new series at TSTS Chef's Table to showcase emerging talent in the chef world. An immensely strong line up of rising stars from some of London’s best restaurants.

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Charlie Jeffreys

We're thrilled to announce our new residency chef, Charlie Jeffreys, who will be at our Hackney site on multiple dates between the 6th to 28th February 2024.

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Seafood Masterclass

Aimed at giving consumers an insight into more unique and interesting seafood cooking with tips and techniques and species as well as the importance of zero-waste cooking.

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Here are some recent events/collaborations we've had at The Sea, The Sea Chef's Table.


Private seafood masterclasses at the Chef's Table offer your group the opportunity to gain confidence and an insight into more unique and interesting seafood cooking.

Whether you’re a novice or a confident home cook, there’s a lot more to learn and private seafood masterclasses offer the perfect place to delve into cooking with fish.

Our masterclasses kick off with a welcome drink, a tour of the facility, and an introduction to The Sea, The Sea’s fish. Moving through to the main masterclass event, you’ll gather round the Chef’s Table for an introduction on the theme led by Executive Chef Leo Carreira and a hands-on demo before delving into lunch incorporating fish prepared by you during the course and aided by our chef. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy wholesale priced fish to take home.

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Discover the technique and method behind curing, pickling, and preserving raw fish. Learn how to safely prepare sushi and sashimi at home, how to cure fish for maximum flavour, and how to preserve raw fish for later cooking.


Discover how best to prepare and cook British shellfish. Learn how to select the freshest shellfish, store it correctly at home, and prepare and cook for maximum flavour.


Discover a world of lesser-know gems from UK waters. Learn how to use over-looked fish in your cooking and gain an appreciation for the unsung heros of our seas.