A new series to showcase emerging talent in the chef world. An immensely strong line up of rising stars from some of London’s best restaurants, stepping into the spotlight to present their unique cooking styles in the seafood produce haven of our Hackney facility. Participating chefs take over the kitchen at our Chef’s Table with 2 Sunday lunch sittings.


10.12.23 Henry Rousso

Hailing from Vermot and having worked at Koya Bar and as a butcher, Henry now works at Sessions Arts Club.


17.12.23 Christian Faulkner

Christian grew up in a family of Fishermen and has worked in kitchens around the world, he currently holds the title of Head chef at two Michelin starred Ikoyi.


07.01.24 Ernesto of Embers

Nomadic pop-up Embers has been at Renegade Urban Winery serving up bold flavours cooked over open flames for the last few months.

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14.01.24 Thomas Lemercier

Thomas is currently Head Chef at the Princes of Shoreditch where he showcases his style that is a mix of influences, travels, memories and his french heritage.

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21.01.24 Eleanor Henson

Eleanor is the head chef of Spring, having trained at Ballymaloe Cookery School before taking up the position of Junior sous at Heckfield Place Hotel.

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11.02.24 Elliot Hashtroudi

A better chef than he is a fisherman, Elliot became Sous Chef at Padella and then to St John Smithfield - A restaurant that will always hold a place in his heart, where he worked his way up to Sous Chef.

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